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SINCE 1988, cafes have relied on our unique reputation in the art of roasting to draw coffee aficionados and
stay profitable. Ho Sen is perhaps the only coffee roaster brand which its “cup quality” is instantly recognized
by Malaysian café businesses and coffee lovers as a truly home-grown coffee company. Brewing Ho Sen’s
Ipoh white coffee, smallholder cafes serve approximately 28,000 cups of coffee to drinkers around Ipoh city

This undoubtedly attest to the faith cafe owners have on us and the quality that has withstood the
test of time. Today, the company is run by the second generation of its founder and still believes in keeping
the company small and roasting its coffee fresh everyday in small batches to ensure all deliveries reach its
customers at peak flavour.


AVERAGE Malaysian cafes serve coffee which is roasted in accordance to Kopi-O style where beans are
roasted very dark, laced with 60% burnt caramel (to further induce a “heavy bodied” taste and “blackness” to the brew) and adulterated with grounded wheat, oat, burned corn for cost cutting purposes. On supermarket shelves, this concoction it is labeled as “Kopi Campuran”. See picture 2.

For generations, Ipohites are always known to purvey a finer delicate taste for their food and beverages. This is well depicted in Ipoh’s coffee. Ipohites prefer the clean natural taste of unadulterated coffee and insist coffee should always be brewed from 100% coffee beans roasted to a lighter degree (hence giving the expression “white”) producing a brew that is heavenly intense in aroma and pure in coffee taste.

Ipoh White Coffee is made  from roasted coffee beans of a secret blend / recipe for that special Ipoh
traditional flavour


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